Kamilla’s Thread of Threads Archive

Kamilla’s Thread of Threads Archive:

🧵 THREAD of threads. Here’s all my threads I made on the Depp v Heard trial so far.

By Kamilla @K4mil1aa

The DARVO thread. This thread is about how Johnny Depp used DARVO, which is usually when an abuser uses a victim’s reactive violence to paint themselves as the victim.
(THREAD on why experts on domestic violence believe Amber Heard, what DARVO is, and how Johnny Depp was about to get away with it.)

A thread showing examples of how DARVO is used by plenty of abusers. Showing videos of abusers like Chris Brown, OJ Simpson, and Brian Laundrie using DARVO. (About This Thread: What #that man did to his ex wife is nothing new. It’s called DARVO and it’s used by abusers to portray themselves as the victim, usually by framing the victim’s reactive violence as abuse. Here are a few other cases in which DARVO was used.)

Here’s a thread on Johnny. Since people really tried to paint the picture of him being a “nice guy” that couldn’t do wrong. (About This Thread: A super long list of truly awful, bizarre, and downright weird shit “nice guy” Johnny Depp did that most people don’t know about.)

The suppressed evidence thread, this thread includes some of Amber’s evidence that most of the public didn’t see. (About This Thread: Since we’re all feminists again, can we revisit the Depp v Heard case? Here’s a thread of the most damning evidence against Johnny, most of which was suppressed or ignored by social media. This is a long one. Major warning for graphic and disturbing content.)

A thread debunking dangerous myths that were spread by social media and used by Johnny’s lawyers throughout the Depp v Heard trial. This one is good to use for resources. It has lots of data, evidence, and statistics. (About This Thread: Domestic violence experts are worried about the dangerous myths spread about DV and rape during the Depp v Heard trial. Here are some of the victim-blaming myths spread by social media debunked by facts, data, and evidence (sources in the ALT text).

Here’s a little thread on misinformation and social media bullying. (We need to talk about the effect that misinformation had on a trial about domestic violence and sexual assault. Gen Z often makes fun of our boomer relatives for buying into right wing misinformation and propaganda, but this trial proved we need to worry about Gen Z as well.)

The Marilyn Manson thread. This one isn’t directly related to the Depp v Heard case but it is important as Manson is basically using the same playbook as Depp. And they’re best friends. (About This Thread: Marilyn Manson is getting ready to sue his victim Evan Rachel Wood for defamation. Here’s a thread on the allegations, and why you should be worried. (Major warning for disturbing and graphic content, please take that warning seriously.)


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