iBelieveYouA’s Thread: Giving Amber Her Humanity Back

Amber Heard said in a recent interview she has never felt more removed from her own humanity.

Let’s remind her and everyone else how she has contributed to making the world a better place.

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While most kids her age were sleeping in, Amber spent her mornings volunteering at a soup kitchen for her local homeless community.

When Amber moved to LA she spent a lot of time volunteering in the Children’s hospital of LosAngeles.’Heard talked of her joy in”dancing around the hospital, cross-eyed, in clown shoes and bunny ears,”calling her hospital experiences life changing.

Amber has been a strong advocate for the hard of hearing community.She went to Rio De Janiero to help fit hearing aids.

Amber is fluent in American Sign Language. She wanted to breakdown language barriers and be more inclusive.

Amber took part in Amnesty International research missions,attending the hearings of asylum seekers in the Mexican Border refugee camp.

Amber speaks Spanish fluently

Amber partnered with SAMS in an effort to provide lifesaving care to Syrian refugee children. In 2018,she joined a medical mission in Jordan.

SAMS thanked Amber for her efforts in raising money for the charity.

In 2015 Amber was awarded the Spirit of Elysium award for her advocacy & tireless fundraising.She volunteered weekly for over a decade in hospitals & centres for sick children. She donated money, costumes & art supplies to the organisation.

Amber visited with @SmileTrain kids when she went to Mexico in 2018. Smile Train is a charity that provides corrective surgery for children with cleft lips and palates in 87 countries.Theytrain local doctors & give hospitals funding for needed dental procedures.

When her school’s prom denied entry to a same-sex couple, Amber appealed to the ACLU. She has been an ambassador for the ACLU since 2018.

Amber was the first American woman actor to be named Human Rights Champion to the United Nations Human Rights Office.

During women’s international day event, Amber spoke about the way the justice system treats victims of genderbased violence. She also paid tribute to her friend, Amanda Nguyen, who secured the passage of the landmark Sexual Assault Survivors’ Rights Act in the US.

Amber addressed gender equality and biases in Hollywood & pay gaps. Women make up less than 1/3 of actors with speaking roles. She wasn’t afraid to speak up for equity.

HMI, an organization that is 40 years old, issued the Emery Award to Amber for raising awareness of vital issues affecting LGBTQ+ youth, including HIV/AIDS prevention, housing/homelessness, education, & health

In 2020, Amber made a video with artist Marilyn Minter to support reproductive rights. She’s been a fierce advocate for this cause & similar organizations.

Amber campaigned in Lebanon for the rollout of psycho-social programmes to help woman cope with the effects of PTSD and the stigma associated with mental health.

Amber went to Washington, DC to speak in favor of the SHIELD Act, which would limit distributing intimate visual depictions, stopping online photo abuse & helping people keep their bodies and information private.

Amber made an impassioned speech for the HMI 2021 drawing on her own experience of isolation after coming out. She iterated that it was worth the risk to her career to empower others in her position.

Amber gave a speech on domestic violence at an event hosted by Women Rising

In 2019, Amber traveled to Panama with the UN Human Rights Team on a mission aimed at protecting indigenous women & LGBTQ+ rights in Central America.

Throughout her life, Amber has fought for communities that are often invisible to society. It’s critical we humanize her, as she has put a face & given a voice to so many people around the world, yet her voice has been taken from her, and so few are fighting for her.

This is how she treats people when there are no cameras around.

Thanks so much to @standup4victims for turning my thread into a TikTok.

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