Kamilla’s THREAD. Marilyn Manson is getting ready to sue his victim Evan Rachel Wood for defamation. Here’s a thread on the allegations, and why you should be worried. (Major warning for disturbing and graphic content, please take that warning seriously.)

Kamilla’s THREAD.

The Marilyn Manson thread. This one isn’t directly related to the Depp v Heard case but it is important as Manson is basically using the same playbook as Depp. And they’re best friends.


Marilyn Manson is getting ready to sue his victim Evan Rachel Wood for defamation. Here’s a thread on the allegations, and why you should be worried. (Major warning for disturbing and graphic content, please take that warning seriously.)

In 2006, 18 year old actress Evan Rachel Wood met 37 year old Marilyn Manson. He was working on a project and wanted her involved. The two became good friends, and Evan fell in love quickly. They started dating in 2006, and went public with their relationship in 2007.

Manson immediately started love bombing her. She said that he made her feel like they had a special bond. To show Manson that she belonged to him, he had her carve an “M” right next to her vagina to “show ownership”. He carved an “E” on himself as well.

For Manson’s 2007 music video “Heart Shaped Glasses” Evan and Manson had discussed a simulated sex scene. However, Evan alleges that he started penetrating her for real when the cameras started rolling. People on set say they were disturbed, and that he was feeding her drugs.

Manson took Evan on tour for a couple months, Evan says this was the first time he was violent with her. He started smashing things and wrecking the room, and violently grabbed Evan by the arm. She recalls looking at a crew member, who just shook his head and closed the door.

In this video, you can hear Evan asking Manson “who was texting to you?” To which he responds “texting you or me?”. He grows increasingly irritated with her and when she doesn’t respond he says “answer me for fucks sake or I’ll kill you”.

Manson would use threats and blackmail against Evan. He uploaded a video of him beating nude Evan to his website. I didn’t want to show this, but she showed it in her documentary and it’s evidence. Here is the link but beware as it is extremely graphic.


After hearing about the abuse, Evan’s aunt helped her escape. Manson called Evan 158 times, and everytime he called her he used a razor blade to cut himself. He brags about this in a 2009 interview, and also says he has fantasies daily about killing her with a sledgehammer.

Not long after, he released a music video for “Running to the Edge of the World” which depicts him beating up a woman who looks similar to Evan. Critics were upset at the video for promoting violence against women, and noted that the woman was styled to look like Evan.

In an attempt to defuse the situation, Evan returned to their house. She says he tied her up and hit her with a real Nazi whip from the holocaust (Evan is Jewish). She said he hit her over and over again on the same spot and then shocked her with a violet wand on the welts.

Marilyn Manson has a long history of collecting Nazi memorabilia, and throughout the relationship he got multiple nazi inspired tattoos.

He started love bombing her again and writing her love letters. They got back together and he proposed to her at one of his concerts. Evan became extremely suicidal at this point, and attempted suicide. Thankfully, she called her mom who was able to get her help.

Manson would send text messages to other people about him beating Evan.

In early 2011, Evan made what she called her “final escape” when she was set to film a movie. After filming that movie, she never returned to Manson. She had since become an activist for victims of abuse. But didn’t name her abuser because of threats.

Evan started the Phoenix Act which would change the statue of limitations from 3 years to 10 years. Here is Evan sharing the story about the abuse she suffered.

In 2020, Evan had to file a police report after she received notice about threats from Manson’s wife to release explicit photos of her in which she was underage. She also had to majorly increase security at her home because of threats against her son reportedly from Manson.

In 2021, Evan named her abuser as Brian Warner “also known to the world as Marilyn Manson”. He came out with a statement that said her accusations were a “horrible distortion of reality”.

In 2022, Manson formally announced a defamation lawsuit against Evan Rachel Wood.

Manson already has a variety of people standing with him, people saying he was the real victim. YouTube lawyers, social media, body language “experts”, and primarily TikTok are already targeting Evan.

Evan is not Manson’s only victim. 16 women have all come out with allegations against Manson, 4 have sued him for sexual assault. Heres a video of some of the other victims sharing their story.

Manson has been telling us for years exactly who he is. In his autobiography, he talks about his plans to murder an ex girlfriend, threatening a girl with rape to “get her attention”, openly admits to rape, and brags about covering a deaf woman in raw meat and urinating on her.

In fact, he also admitted to throwing a perfume bottle at his mom in his 1999 book. He said he did this because his father accused her of cheating on him.

Please sign the petition to remove “Heart Shaped Glasses”, the video in which Evan says she raped her, off of all streaming services here. She’s been trying to get it removed, but @Youtube hasn’t done anything besides say they’re “looking into the matter”.


As of now, Manson’s Rape Video has 33 million views on youtube and is still up.

If you want to learn more about Evan’s story, she made a documentary called “Phoenix Rising”. Clips of that documentary were shown in this thread. It’s about her abuse at the hand’s of Marilyn Manson, and how she started the Phoenix Act and got it passed.

Manson would make his assistant Dan video tape messages in which he told his victims “I’m gonna kill you, I’m gonna chop you up, and Dan is gonna bury you in the desert.”

Manson’s former assistant Dan details the abuse he witnessed here. He also mentions that everyone in Manson’s circle was completely aware of it.


Although these are two separate cases, it is worth mentioning that Manson is Johnny Depp’s best friend. Johnny recently made a joke about their friendship at his defamation case. They have matching tattoos, Manson is Johnny Depp’s daughter’s godfather.

Manson and his supporters are already saying that his autobiography in which he admits to rape, abuse, murder fantasies, stalking, and blackmail was fiction. He said in this interview “If there’s anything I’m ashamed of I can always say it was fiction”

I know that people will quote tweet this thread and say “oh well he looks like that so it’s obvious”. But people are forgetting that this man has been known to be extremely charismatic. He has a lot of famous friends, and is already gathering “witnesses” to testify for him. 

Also, people need to keep in mind that Manson was grooming Evan. They started dating when he was 37 and she was only 18. He was the first grown man she’d ever been with. She was coerced into the scarring because he made her think it was essential to proving her loyalty to him. 

Lol. They’re already starting it.

Also people need to remember that in the Depp v Heard trial, she was sued over an op ed in which she never even named Johnny. Manson is sueing Evan and she named him. He could very well get away with this and they’re already relying on the idea that it was just a “kink”. 

So somehow this part got deleted from my thread, but here is Dan (Manson’s former assistant) saying that he witnessed the abuse. He notes that everyone in Manson’s inner circle knew about it too.

I wrote this thread on the Johnny Depp case, which included evidence that wasn’t shown on social media.

I also wrote this thread on DARVO, which shows cases in which abusers claim to be the victim. One of those cases was OJ Simpson, when he said that Nicole was beating him and she was the abuser.

Here’s something I shared on litigation abuse. It’s a very common tactic that abusers use to continue to harass their victims via the courts. This thread also talks about DARVO, which in simple terms is an abuser using a victims reactive violence to make themself the victim.

People are using the fact that dita von teese and rose McGowan both said that they weren’t abused by Manson during their relationship as evidence that he’s not an abuser. They made it very clear in their statements that they support the victims. So stop saying that please. 

The idea that an abuser has to abuse all his partners has long been debunked. In this case, for example, Evan was much much younger than Manson. The age difference alone gave him a lot more power to abuse her and groom her. 

They’re basically saying the quiet part out loud. Which is that the trial had absolutely nothing to do with supporting male victims of domestic violence, it had everything to do with humiliating survivors and preserving a 60 year old movie star.


Here are some latest hate comments from fans of Marilyn Manson on the trailer of Evan Rachel Wood’s documentary, Phoenix Rising on YouTube. It is also being heavily disliked by his fans. Male celebrities can get away with any crimes because of their unhinged fans.

Going through reply section of Evan Rachel Wood’s Facebook page, I’ve found some extremely disturbing stuff targeted towards her including a death threats from fans of Marilyn Manson.

so many Inceltubers who were covering Depp/Heard trial are now moving towards their next target,

this should be concerning, she is now the fifth high subscriber count youtuber who covered the johnny depp trial to switch their attention towards Manson/ERW case.

a petition to ban Evan Rachel Wood from IG has already crossed 1k signs. Her crime? she dared to speak against her rapist. One of the top comment from a signer states that Evan did incredible harm to BDSM community…by outing her rapist???

btw this is how obsessive them Inceltubers are,

this channel is churning out 25+ videos per day on Amber that too absolutely clickbaity and all of them being fake. this is literal harassment and why

@YouTube isn’t doing anything about it.

of course, this channel has also defended Marilyn Manson and other terrible men by uploading disinformation against their victims.

please sign this petition to end this harassment against Amber and many other women.

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