Kamilla’s THREAD. Since we’re all feminists again, can we revisit the Depp v Heard case? Here’s a thread of the most damning evidence against Johnny, most of which was suppressed or ignored by social media. This is a long one. (Major warning for graphic and disturbing content).

Kamilla’s 🧵 THREAD. Since we’re all feminists again, can we revisit the Depp v Heard case? Here’s a thread of the most damning evidence against Johnny, most of which was suppressed or ignored by social media. This is a long one. (Major warning for graphic and disturbing content).

Johnny sent texts about wanting to rape, drown, burn, and “smack around” Amber before they even got married.

This audio confirms that Johnny headbutted Amber.

Johnny’s biggest accusation against Amber is that she cut his finger off, but here he is on tape (in a private conversation with Amber) saying, “I’m talking about Australia the day that I chopped my finger off”.

After Johnny injured his finger, he proceeded to use the blood from his freshly severed wound to write messages accusing Amber of cheating on him. He fully confessed to this and says that after the blood from his finger ran out, he dipped his wound in paint to continue.

Johnny says that Amber cut his finger off by throwing a vodka bottle at it. However, a hand surgeon testified that the medical records proved that to be impossible. Medical records also confirm there was no glass found in or around the wound.

Two months after Amber filed for divorce, they had a meeting in which Johnny brought a knife with him and threatened to self harm. He tells Amber to cut him or that he will do it himself, she refuses.

After the infamous plane incident, Johnny had his assistant Stephen text Amber an apology for him. He says “when I told him he kicked you, he cried”. Stephen admits to this text conversation.

Johnny’s former business managers allege that Johnny had “gotten physical” and “violently kicked” Amber, and knowingly tried to cover up it up on at least one occasion.

Amber alleges that Johnny was violent with her on his private island while he was detoxing. He confirms this when he says if he doesn’t leave it will become “a blood bath” like it was “on the island”.

Johnny and Amber meet again after the divorce filing, and he calls her a “leftover stripper” and says “that’s all you’ll ever be”.

Johnny demands in an email to his manager that the production company delete all sex scenes and nudity in Amber’s movie “London Fields”.

Amber reported the sexual violence and rape to a therapist throughout her relationship.

Amber texted her mother in 2013 about Johnny’s violence.

Amber also texted people about her injuries, and sometimes would excuse them as “accidents”.

Here, Amber tells Johnny she doesn’t like him drinking because it makes him go violent and sideways. He proceeds to tell her that it’s not because of the drinking or drugs, that it’s her that makes him that way.

In this audio, Johnny yells at Amber and says “don’t fucking pretend to be authoritative with me, you don’t exist.”

In another audio, Amber explains that she’s trying to help them and Johnny responds by screaming at her and calling her a “stupid fuck”.

A makeup artist recalls having to cover up Amber’s bruising and split lip with makeup before she went on a talk show. 

Johnny texted his friend “I, of course, pounded and displayed ugly colors to Amber on a recent journey. I am an insane person and not so fair headed after too much of the drink.”

Here’s that infamous video of Johnny slamming cabinets, smashing glasses, and kicking the door. Still confused at how the internet completely minimized this.

Johnny destroyed Amber’s closet and vandalized paintings she owned that were painted by her ex.

Johnny berates Amber for yelling “call the cops” to her friend (iO) who was on the phone while Johnny was beating her.

Johnny instructed his private medical team to overmedicate Amber to “keep her under control”. (This same Dr. Kipper got his medical license taken away for overprescribing.)

Not really evidence, but just weird. Johnny makes a gun motion while Dr Dawn Hughes testifies about the potential lethality of the relationship and says “Mr. Depp’s threats to kill her”.

Amber describes an assault in which Johnny held her down on a counter top and her arms were cut with glass, you can see the scars of those gashes on several red carpet and paparazzi pics after the alleged assault.

In this audio, Amber confronts Johnny about him hitting her while she’s helpless and on the floor.

“Are you fucking kidding me? He beat the shit out of her again, and you guys stood by and watched it.”

Witness testimonies confirming Johnny’s violent nature and his abuse of Amber.

Amber recalls a time in which she dumped Johnny “after you beat the shit out of me” and he says “I made a huge mistake I won’t do it again”.

Johnny’s own witnesses testify to seeing injuries on Amber.

This one is strange, Johnny tells Amber to write him a letter every morning to remind him not to hurt her. 

Audio of Amber telling Johnny to put his cigarettes out on someone else, to which he responds “shut up fat ass”. This went viral on tiktok because people thought it was funny.

Don’t burn me with cigarettes.

Another just absolutely bizarre moment in court.

Since I’m already seeing the “both sides were fucked” & the “I told y’all it was mutual abuse” takes I’m just gonna drop this right here.

Johnny admits that he has to stay away in order not to get physical, he says “a man would want to get out of that area, so that he doesn’t get so fucking angry, and actually does pop the fucking wife”. 

Amber has years of time stamped pictures documenting the abuse, which all line up with the incidents of physical violence she describes. All proven by metadata. Abuse victims are told to document their injuries, Amber did.

I just want to remind people that the jury voted “yes” to all these questions. All of these statements are objectively true whether someone believes her or not. They made this woman pay $10 million to her abuser. There is absolutely no way to be neutral about this.

I also want to remind people that Johnny has maintained this entire time that he has never hit Amber, not even once, ever. Amber has been very consistent in maintaining (since the divorce) that she started fighting back towards the end of the relationship. 

If you’re wondering if it’s normal for an abuser to turn it around on their victim and say that they were the victim – it is. It’s so normal that they have an acronym for it called DARVO, the psychologist who coined this term acknowledges Depp used it on Amber. As did lawyers.

These same tactics were used by OJ Simpson (he called himself a battered husband), Melissa Benoist’s ex husband (he said she was the abuser bc of her reactive violence), and Chris Watts. I wrote a whole thread about DARVO here. And why DV experts believe Amber.

I don’t think people realize this, but JD fans fully believe that this woman illustrated a multi year hoax against him with no paper trail, recruited several witnesses, went to therapy for years telling them fake allegations, made JD send texts, and faked injuries… 

The whole thing is an absurd conspiracy theory. And people know that. That’s why abusers are so excited about this, because they’re seeing one of them get away with abuse by using a victims reactive violence to make themself a victim. 

They always call Johnny white people’s OJ but it’s true. OJ also said that Nicole abused him, he called himself a “battered husband” in his suicide note. This is a common abuser tactic and it works because many victims fight back, which allows them to use that as leverage. 

His stans are having an absolute meltdown cause I turned comments off cause I don’t want boomer ass memes and 50 overused hashtags in my replies. And they swear it’s misinformation but won’t say what is 😭

Since everyone is asking for both sides.

Someone tried to “debunk” my thread on Reddit and I’m actually dying at the excuses 😭

“Definitely sounds weird” “it’s weird for sure” they’re so close…

My favorite part is how all of these basically start with “Well, yes that’s true” 😭😭😭
Just the “yeah this is true…he did say this…these texts are real…but…” over and over. Do these people hear themselves?
“he did say that, kinda mean..” these people are SICK.

And this is why they should be happy I have my replies off cause I’m really doing them a huge favor.

Do you really think that a woman having to pay her abuser $10 million dollars (which she doesn’t have) for simply saying that she was abused without even naming her abuser is not an attack on bodily autonomy?

Also highly ironic that just two weeks ago y’all were all over this case. But now that her evidence is shown and spread to social media it’s “can we please get over this”. It’s not because y’all are over it, it’s because you’re trying to save face for openly supporting an abuser. 

Literally everyone abandoned their performative feminism to victim blame and spread myths about domestic violence. All because they were concerned about preserving a 60 year old movie star. A 60 year old movie star that openly supports pedophiles and rapists. Please. 

And if you wanna talk about a distraction, while Roe v Wade was getting overturned the same people who are now again calling themselves “feminists” were busy vilifying and bullying an abuse victim. 

He said that she beat him. He said that he was the real victim. He said that she made fake bruises with makeup. He said that she was a gold digger. He hired a top tier legal team. He won his case. People believed him. I’m talking about OJ Simpson. 

She said that she still loved him. He was generous to her family. His employees testified against her, saying that she started the physical fights. They said she had an affair. She covered her bruises with makeup. They didn’t believe her. I’m talking about Nicole Brown Simpson. 

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